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Sep 11

A Piece of Cake July 2014

Can it be July already? A walk through my garden says so—zucchini blossoms in full yellow bloom,
tomatoes teasing me with a promising hint of ripe red, and okra growing fat overnight. In the kitchen, too, our meals are in summer mode—potato salad and fried chicken, grilled salmon and shaved corn, eggplant Parmesan like no other. And the peaches—from Alabama with streaks of red or from farms in south Georgia—we slice them onto cereal, eat them out of hand, roast them with sugar and spices to top vanilla ice cream, or fold them into pound cake batter.


Feb 14

A Piece of Cake February 2014

A Word from Anne Huddled in the one warm corner of my home on this February morning, I give thanks for the sunshine and the radiant heat shining through my window. It has been a cold and dreary winter so far for Southerners like myself, and while I cannot walk in the boots of Minnesotans […]

Dec 05

A Piece of Cake December 2013

A Word from Anne The holidays will be festive but a little cramped as our family moved into a small duplex while renovating the old stone home built by my grandfather in 1928. It was where my father was raised, where he helped grow tomatoes and corn, pick black raspberries, milk cows, and collect eggs […]

Dec 14

A Piece of Cake December 2012

You know it’s December when the calendar is over-committed, the refrigerator stocked high with butter and eggs, and you bake before bedtime. That’s the case at our house, even though with just one child left at home there are fewer teacher gifts to make. We pull out my mother’s toffee recipe, make a coconut or […]

Aug 31

A Piece of Cake September 2012

To many of you, fall brings to mind football, tailgating, back-to-school supplies, changing colors of the leaves, and local apples to bake into pies, cakes, applesauce—you name it. To me, fall is all of this, plus book tour. A ritual started more than a decade ago, my fall book tours signal a new book, the […]

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The Books

Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor

Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor

The Cake Mix Doctor goes chocolate! Anne Byrn brings her proven prescription for doctoring cake mix to an ingredient that inspires love bordering on obsession.


Anne's Cake Mix

Anne’s Old-Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix

Anne’s Old-Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix

Put on your favorite apron, plug in the mixer, and get ready to bake some memories. I've dreamed of creating a yellow cake mix that gets its color from butter and eggs, not artificial colors, and its scent from Madagascar vanilla.