Chocolate Praline Cake

When your mom’s the Cake Mix Doctor, you don’t expect pie on your birthday. And usually my kids are pretty predictable with their requests – one wants cookies and cream cake, another caramel cake, but the third likes to be surprised. “Surprise me,” said my soon-to-be-17-year-old daughter a week before her birthday. So I thought of a cake I had rarely baked ever since I first shared it in the Cake Mix Doctor a decade ago – the Chocolate Praline Cake.

Butter, cream, and brown sugar are cooked into a quick caramel sauce and poured into the bottom of two layer pans and topped with chopped pecans. Then you make the chocolate cake batter and pour it over the top of the pecans, bake, then flip out praline-side up and frost with lightly sweetened whipped cream. What’s not to like? Especially since my daughter’s June birthday always calls for a cool and refreshing cake, one that can be topped with whipped cream and stashed in the fridge until after dinner.

This cake is a dandy, and it is even better made and frosted the day before, covered lightly, and chilled so the whipped cream has time to seep gently into the cake. We were so excited to slice into it that I forgot to take a photo of the cake until nearly half of it was eaten. It was a happy birthday!

You can find the recipe here.

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  • Bev Havinga

    Have a glutton free cake mix, but want to make it dairy free as well. What can I substitute for the eggs?

    • Anne

      1 lunchbox size plastic cup unsweetened applesauce for each egg.

  • Jascat

    One of my daughter’s teacher’s has a daughter with the same problem. She uses soda (like sprite) to make her birthday cakes and such. I recently used a Sugar-Free cake mix and Diet Cheerwine (just those 2 things) to make a cake and it was EXCELLENT!!!

  • Gerri

    Do you have a favorite recipe using a caramel cake mix?

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