An Ode to Fresh Banana Cake

When I was a little girl, a chocolate sheet cake or a lemon meringue pie were almost always on the kitchen counter. My mom liked sweets, and she loved to bake. Very rarely she would buy dessert, but one of the rare exceptions was frozen Sara Lee banana cake.

I had pretty much forgotten this bit of my history until about 10 years ago when in New York being interviewed by Alex Witchel of the New York Times. Alex confessed her love of the Sara Lee banana cake, and she wondered if I could bake a banana cake in her kitchen that would rival the Sara Lee version.

We baked my banana cake from the Cake Mix Doctor, and Alex approved. Normally I frost this cake with my mom’s caramel icing, but I chose cream cheese frosting that day because that’s the way Sara Lee did it. And to be honest, it’s the perfect combo. The frosting is smooth, and the cake is moist and smooth, too – no interruptions of chopped nuts or coconut or raisins.

Just this week I baked a banana cake because I had overly ripe bananas I needed to use or toss out. I used my yellow cake mix, but you can use the cake mix of your choice. The cake was as I remembered as a girl – moist and smooth in texture – but even more flavorful than Sara Lee because of the fresh bananas.

We ate our fill, then I wrapped and stashed the cake in the freezer. I know from experience that banana cake freezes well!

The recipe is here.

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  • carole

    Made this for a ladies golf group. Comments were unbelievable, they loved the taste and moistness……… Thanks

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