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BeaterI am thrilled to unveil the new Cake Mix Doctor website with a fresh look that still offers the baking advice I have shared all along. I will dig into the archives in future newsletters to revisit old topics as well as offer you something new. I will also share developments on my mixes and where to find them in your stores.

When my daughters were in high school I realized that one day they wouldn’t reach for a Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines mix because of the artificial ingredients inside. Their busy generation would demand a better mix. So I made the mix.

And you have been a part of this story. You have asked me questions. You have made me curious. You have kept me on track to write more books. You have nudged me to write newsletters. And you have asked for my mixes in stores near you. You have helped this brand evolve. And for that I am grateful.


“Put on your favorite apron, plug in the mixer, and get ready to bake some memories.” 

That phrase played over and over in my head as I stepped out of my Nashville kitchen and hit the road in 1999 as the Cake Mix Doctor. For 15 years, I zig-zagged the country on book tours, and chances are I met you at a bookstore signing or appeared on your local TV station. 

And it became the thought behind the Cake Mix Doctor mixes that resulted from my books. The idea that someone who leads a busy life can slow down through baking is such a bonus. My recipes and mixes have been easy enough. I call them “Homemade Easy.” They’ve taught loads of cooks how to bake a cake. But did you know there is an added benefit to baking – that baking can relieve the stress of the everyday and create memories?

Who would have known? I had to experience it myself to figure this out. Go on the road, navigate airports, rise at dawn for TV, smile, be creative, make deadlines, oh, and raise three children. But the memories of this time in my life, and the cakes that have come out of this adventure are now a part of my family’s culinary history. Our memories. 

My daughters bake the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars for their friends, they still love strawberry cake and Darn Good Chocolate Cake, my husband weeps for coconut icebox cake on his birthday, and my son chooses my cookies, any of them.

The Cake Mix Doctor began with a young mother searching her pantry for a last-minute bake sale solution. I am still that mother, and I still need last-minute solutions! And I look forward to our continued dialogue as we get ready to bake some new memories!

Happy Baking!


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  • Sharon Kadwit

    I owe all your books and I love them, just looking thru them is so relaxing. Thank you!!!

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