How to Bake a Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake

Summertime means birthdays and parties at our house, and we’ve learned a simple recipe that brings together the best of both worlds – ice cream cake.

You need only one plate to serve it, the recipe can be made in advance, and yes, you can let your creative side blossom as you pair different ice creams with different shades of cake.

Infinite Ice Cream and Cake Possibilities

My favorites are chocolate cake/mint chocolate chip ice cream; chocolate cake/butter pecan or caramel ice cream; as well as yellow cake with strawberry ice cream, yellow cake with coffee ice cream and chocolate frosting. Really, the list could go on…

And with craft ice creams popping up everywhere, plus simple ice cream recipes where you can make your own ice cream at home, this blueprint recipe works any way you bake it, stack it, freeze it.

The recipe comes from my friend Beth who got the method from her cousin Laurie, and I shared it in my cookbook, What Can I Bring?. Through the years I have made Beth’s from-scratch recipe simpler by using my own cake mix. My mixes are natural and sturdy and hold up well to freezing. Once assembled, the cake goes into a plastic cake saver with lid and into your freezer.

Frost the top and sides with whipped cream or just pile whipped cream on the top  of the cake for a more modern touch. And if there are leftovers, they can go right back into the freezer for the next day.

Click Here for Recipe

Just in time for graduation baking, schools-out baking, summer birthdays and weddings, I am thrilled to share a coupon for $5 off a 6-pack set of my natural cake mixes. This coupon expires June 5. The discount code is SUMMERCAKE. Enjoy the savings, and enjoy the cake!
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