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The 10 Essentials Series

Life is busy. You have too many recipes and too little time. At Cake Mix Doctor we want to help by offering a digital recipe box of 10 of our best recipes. Recipe “boxes” will include this first — The Bundt Project — and be followed by Layer Cakes, Cookies, and we’ve got more ideas up our sleeve. Each collection has 10 curated, kitchen-tested recipes, 10 gorgeous photos, and plenty of tips. We want to make cooking fun again.
Available as a downloadable PDF.


In the Bundt Project we set out to solve a problem — how to bake delicious Bundt cakes with any size of cake mix. So we tested countless recipes and offer you the best Bundts to bake, no matter if the cake mix is 18.25 or 15.25 ounces. Included are fabulous photos, and you’ll notice the recipes have been slightly reinvented for the way we bake today

Ten delicious, easy-to-make recipes like:
• Stacy’s Chocolate Chip Cake
• Darn Good Chocolate Cake
• Susan’s Lemon Cake
• Sock-it-to-Me Cake
Also includes as a BONUS: The list of 10 Baking Tools needed for better Bundts.

A New Series
of Digital Recipe Boxes
from the Cake Mix Doctor

Ten Essentials _ Bundt Book Cover-turn-sm

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