Anne’s Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

Cinnamon coffee cakes were something I grew up with as my mother loved to entertain and bake a fresh coffee cake to share with friends. Or she would bake a sour cream coffee cake to have on hand during the holidays. That cake, as I recall, was delicious – but it was so heavy! You could just eat a small slice, and even then you felt full for hours. I baked coffee cakes for my friends in England when we lived there for one year. I remember with a chuckle how puzzled the British were when I announced I was serving coffee cake, and the cake didn’t contain any coffee. Ah, some things are just lost in translation…Nowadays I bake a lighter version of the coffee cake recipe of my youth. It begins with a cake mix, and I will tell you a few things I like about the process. For one, the cake is a breeze to assemble. Two, it is moist and freezes well. And three, it is less-bad for your health, containing sour cream (use reduced-fat if you like) and vegetable oil. I hope you enjoy this recipe with your favorite yellow cake mix. My recipe calls for a 21.6-ounce yellow mix, which is my cake mix, containing no artificial colorings or flavorings. Or, you may want to use an 18.25-ounce package of another brand. Enjoy, with coffee, tea, or a cold glass of milk!

Here is the recipe.

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  • Tom Large

    Where can I get the pan used to make the coffee cake in your cinnamon streusel coffee cake photo?

    • Anne

      That is a Nordic Ware pan called the Heritage Bundt pan, sold at Williams-Sonoma and other retailers.

  • Patsy

    This sounds delicious! I love your recipes, and am following your blog. Patsy

    • Anne

      Thank you!

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