A Piece of Cake December

I used to dash to flights at the last minute, begging Delta not to close the plane door. But now, thanks to maturity and airport security lines, I arrive early, painfully early. I pack days in [...]

A Piece of Cake September 2012

To many of you, fall brings to mind football, tailgating, back-to-school supplies, changing colors of the leaves, and local apples to bake into pies, cakes, applesauce—you name it. To me, fall is [...]

A Piece of Cake August 2012

You might think I’m crazy if I said my favorite time to cook was in the dog days of summer, but it’s true. I love cold suppers of fried chicken, sliced tomatoes, and potato salad. I love last [...]


Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

This is one of our family’s favorite recipes. My girls used to beg me to bake these bars, and now they bake them on their own! It is that perfect combination of crunchy peanut butter cookie-like [...]

A Piece of Cake February 2012

A Word from Anne: Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and thank goodness this food writer made it through January — the most unfriendly month to cake baking in the year! Love for baking [...]


My Chicken Chili

My favorite rotisserie chicken is Whole Foods’ salt and pepper chicken. But to save money (and clean out your freezer), cook your own chicken. You will have fresh chicken broth, and the bouillon [...]


Kathleen’s Sugar Cookies

My children have made these cookies for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Halloween for as long as we can remember, and this recipe is named for my older daughter. Our system was that I [...]


Signed, Sealed & Delivered

When I open a cookbook and see the signature of the author or a note from my mom on why this book will make me a better cook one day, it takes me back. It takes me back to that place in time when [...]


Immediate clarification for recipe!

Everyone, there is a recipe in my new book, Anne Byrn Saves the Day, that needs immediate clarification. For the Bourbon and Brown Sugar Salmon, it is critical that you use a large fillet of [...]


Anne Saves the Day on QVC Wednesday Night

I can’t wait to be back on air with David Venable at QVC Wednesday Oct. 8 between 8 and 10 ET. Join us! We will be sampling some of my favorite recipes from my new cookbook – [...]