Hummingbird Cake

The first time I heard of Hummingbird Cake I was a young food writer working for the Atlanta Journal. A reader called the newspaper office and asked for a recipe for Hummingbird Cake. Naturally, I thought this was some sort of crank call along the lines of Prince Albert in the can and all those other corny phone jokes people used to play on each other back when phones were used for conversation. Until an older, wiser colleague raised in Texas and south Georgia tipped me off that the Hummingbird was indeed a real cake, made from ripe bananas and crushed pineapple and topped with cream cheese frosting. My curiosity was intrigued and my stomach was rumbling. I had to find out more about this cake. So I opened every Southern cookbook on the shelf and found a few recipes but no origin. Often the cake was topped with pecans, sometimes walnuts. In no way did it involve a hummingbird, as in the bird, to my relief! Through the years I have baked many a Hummingbird Cake, from-scratch, with a cake mix, and now with my own yellow cake mix. This is the recipe I share today. I hope you have sampled my new cake mixes – they contain from-scratch ingredients and nothing artificial. In recipes such as this Hummingbird Cake, you dump them into the bowl with all the add-ins, and they are cake-mix easy. Bake this for Easter brunch, for Mother’s Day, for spring bridal showers and potluck suppers. Bake it all summer long and you’ll be humming away the warm weather. To set the frosting before toting this cake, let it chill 20 minutes in the fridge so the frosting firms up, then return it to room temperature for slicing. Hmmm, it’s so good it makes me want to hum. That’s probably how it got its name.

Here is the recipe.

You can buy the cake mix here.

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  • Mollie B

    Thank you so much for posting some of your recipes. I’m charge of making 2 birthday cakes tomorrow & forgot my copy of your cake book at home (about 1,100 miles away).

  • Grandma Cupcake

    I made these, the lemon cupcakes, strawberry cupcakes and chocolate cherry chip cupcakes for the cupcake tree at my son and daughter in laws wedding. They were all delicious and the people at my workplace have been anxiously awaiting the leftovers! I have all of the cake dr cookbooks and as a busy working wife and Grandma, I use them frequently to bake yummy treats for my family and friends.

  • Katie Parries

    I want to make the humming bird cake but don’t have your cake mix , can i just use a pillsbury or betty crocker cake mix? and also what stores do you seel your cake mix i can’t find it anywhere. Thank you for a soon reply. Love your recipes and site

    • Anne

      Yes, as long as you add more flour – 6 tablespoons – you can use the Pillsbury or Better Crocker mix in that recipe. It will not rise as high as my mix because it is a smaller cake mix. Go to the website – and click on Anne’s Cake Mix. You will see locations where it is sold across the country. Thank you!


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