Signed, Sealed & Delivered

When I open a cookbook and see the signature of the author or a note from my mom on why this book will make me a better cook one day, it takes me back. It takes me back to that place in time when the book was given to me. It was Christmas, the crystal punch bowl was filled with ambrosia, decorated sugar cookies and crescent cookies lay on silver trays, and loads of magnolia branches decorated the dining table. Because cookbooks are a timeless gift when signed by the author, I will sign, seal, and deliver my new book, Anne Byrn Saves the Day, to you or your chosen recipient before Christmas. To buy a signed copy, click here. Enjoy!

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  • paul6866

    hi anne bryn today am very happy to see your website.your website is very good i read your all recipes but i didno’t find
    chocolate cupcake recipe
    in your website can you tell me this recipe

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